The Association Atelier Yiriba supports creative learning environments, cultural mediation and innovative projects in Bamako to stimulate children from early age and help young adults take control of their life with tools of craft and creativity. http://stiniarn.ch/atelier-yiriba-organisation




Atelier Yiriba Daoudabougou (Bamako, Mali)


Atelier Yiriba is a space for exploration and experiments under the big tree at the big family MallŽ in Daoudabougou, Bamako, open on Thursdays. Children of the neighborhood are introduced to various materials and techniques and are inspired to express their imagination. There is also a small library with a reading lounge.

The space is hosted by Stini Arn, Chakara and family members Seitou, AmŽ and Dougoutigi of the MallŽ clan.


ApprenTissage @ Ateliers Yiriba Kalaban Koura (Bamako, Mali)


ApprenTissage is a project in progress of a learning center for weaving and design.

It started with Ousmane Diallo who had a dream to become a Flying8-weaver. The Flying8-loom was developed by the German weaver Andreas Mšller, who has been teaching the construction and mechanics of the Flying8 concept worldwide. Stini Arn learned from him for her musical weaving project ÇWebstall PigniaČ in 2010. As intermediary she started constructing Flying8-looms together with Ousmane in Daoudabougou, Bamako in 2016.

The ApprenTissage team consists of Ousmane Diallo, Stini Arn with the help of Andreas Mšller Weberei Hamburg.




Atelier Yiriba Daoudabougou 2015 - 2018 story

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